Our Services

Financial Planning

Ideal Service
Ideal for young professionals and individuals in the early wealth accumulation stage of their life cycle. The financial planning service is tailored to optimize a client’s current situation, while also setting them on a track to meet future success. Considered a price sensitive option for those who seek a comprehensive review of their finances with execution support and on-going access to their financial advisor. Additional services are available depending on the specific need. Integrating the preparation of your required tax returns and tax estimates with advanced tax planning strategies to ensure you are paying the minimum amount of tax.

Cash Flow & Liability Management
Your current lifestyle may prevent the establishment of sound financial habits. Not “living within your means”, “living paycheck to paycheck”, and/or experiencing “rising debt with minimum or missed payments” are clear signals that behavioral changes might be necessary.
We will provide you with the technology and guidance to gather the data, analyze the information, and arrive at a satisfactory implementation plan.

Capital Investment

We invest our resources to meet your objectives and goals
How well you invest will dictate the resources you have available to meet your objectives and goals. This is why it is imperative that our advisors know your goals as we craft your plan because these will influence how we invest your portfolio.
It is through our investment analysis process that we will determine if your existing portfolio is inefficient or suitable for you. In analyzing your investments, we review all of your accounts to summarize your allocation between equities (stocks), fixed-income (bonds) and cash.

Our Investment Decisions and Recommendations
These include your personal and work retirement accounts, taxable investment accounts and cash reserves in savings and CDs. Next, we review your specific investments to verify the quality of the investments as well as how much risk is associated with the underlying investments. Ultimately, our investment decisions and recommendations will help build you a portfolio that:
Generates enough income you can live off of in retirement
Offers growth potential so that it appreciates
Reduces security risks through diversification
Allows you to sleep at night

Investment Advisory

We are the home of discerning investors
We offer independent financial advice and assist them to make sound investment decisions from the array of investment opportunities available.
We are structured to render personalized services to our clients thereby ensuring safety of capital, adequate returns on investments and liquidity at all time.We work time and again for the same clients, helping to build their business and its value but also on a single transactions basis.

Our investment Decisions and Recommendations
Our Corporate Finance professionals provide a full range of M&A and Investment Advisory Services services, from acquisitions and disposals, through to equity and fund raising across all industry sectors, to corporations, private equity firms, public sector bodies, sovereign wealth and other investment funds.
You will appreciate the value in our services as we bring to you resources from our international network of Investment Advisory Services advisors. Our team has strong industry focus and business relationships, as well as local market knowledge backed by a proven track record of advising corporate clients and institutional investors.

Portfolio Management

What We Do?
we build the portfolio, but Allah gives the reward. Trust is the sacred element in portfolio management. With our knowledge of the market, we assist clients to build a well diversified portfolio mix that will ensure optimal return on investment.

We undertake careful selection of securities, monitor and recommend periodic review and switching of your portfolio.
Your ability to make meaningful investment decisions will depend on the timeliness of information available on your investment.
With our online information and other facilities at your disposal, decision-making will be enhanced. We render accurate accounts and maintain proper records of your investments.