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Assets Management

We build the portfolio, but Allah gives the reward. Trust is the sacred element in portfolio management. With our knowledge of the market, we assist clients to build a well diversified portfolio mix that will ensure optimal return on investment.

Financial Planning

Ideal for young professionals and individuals in the early wealth accumulation stage of their life cycle. The financial planning service is tailored to optimize a client’s current situation, while also setting them on a track to meet future success.

Advisory Services

Shropshire Savings And Loans (SSA Loans) Limited, is the home of discerning investors. We offer independent financial advise and assist them to make sound investment decision from the array of investment opportunities available.


Shropshire Savings And Loans (SSA Loans) Limited objective is to give Fund to assist businesses and projects around the globe in developing their economies.

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Our business is to understand your business

Our company was established in the UAE and registered in the UK by a consortium of professional portfolio managers and financial advisors. We commenced operations in July 2008, and our principal activities consist of investments, consumer and commercial financing, hedge funds, Crypto currency. These business lines constitute the engines of the company’s continued growth. We can be both, a financier, and a partner in your projects. Furthermore, we offer turnkey solutions and innovative financing solutions for commercial real estate projects such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and retail outlets. Our array of high-net-worth individuals across the middle east engage in the diversification of their wealth under portfolios to fund startups, renewable energy projects, mines, oil and gas, healthcare, and prospective projects across the globe.

More than 25 Years of

321 projects
27 workers
19 awards
280 satisfied